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Founder's Story

The ethos of recycle, reclaim, reinvent have been fundamental in shaping re-wrap and Janjri's story reflects that these values have been ingrained in her life. Growing up in India, she worked for the family business of recycled hand-woven furnishings. She was driven by her father’s passion for creative recycling and inspired by her mothers keen eye for art & design.

In 2001 Janjri visited Kutch, India, after the devastating aftermath of the biggest earthquake ever to hit the region. She was moved by the plight of the region’s artisans as they continued to create beautiful work despite their struggles. Inspired by their skills and dexterity, Janjri felt determined to assist them combining their traditional skills with her experience of creative re-usable textiles – Rewrap was formed.

Janjri founded Re-wrap as a way to not only help artisans retain their skills but also equip economically disadvantaged women with sewing skills, enabling them to earn a fair wage. In this way we at Re-Wrap are able to pursue the main goal of our business – empowering our members to lead more fulfilling lives with independence and dignity.

Re-wrap is also founded on creating sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and paper wrapping products. We are committed to the culture of recycling to save our planet.

Janjri Trivedi

Janjri Trivedi