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Kaamila Qazi, UK

Sales & Operations

Kaamila has headed up re-wrap’s Sales and Operations for the last 3 years. Managing the day-today operations out of the UK office, Kaamila works hard to enhance re-wrap’s client relationships by combining her business acumen and her passion for the not-for-profit sector. For Kaamila, working at re-wrap means that she gets to fulfil her passion of working for those less fortunate than herself, whilst also expanding her skills and abilities in the company.

Jacqueline Croker, UK

Client Services

With her calm persona and experience working in luxury fashion, Jacqueline manages all of re-wrap’s clients’ needs with ease and to the highest standard. Jacqueline joined the Re-wrap team in the UK a year ago, and in that time has built a reputation for cultivating and growing client relationships at every level. For Jacqueline, working at re-wrap means that she gets to work with people that she respects and admires, she feels greatly satisfied seeing the fruition of their labour.

Charles Stephen, India

CEO of Sanmaan Exports, India

Charles’ impressive career spans 27 years. Highly experienced in manufacturing, procurement, logistics and supply chain, operations, and business management, Charles took the reigns as Sanmaan’s CEO in mid 2016. Based in India, Charles has a passion for changing the lives of those who are less advantaged, through his strong skill set and experience. For Charles, his life has finally taken a turn where his values wanted to go.

Sangita Ekambe

Merchandising Team, India

With 10 years of experience in Merchandising and Sourcing in the apparel garment industry, Sangita is the newest member of the Indian team. In her role in the re-wrap merchandising team, Sangita is in charge of all merchandising, sampling and product innovation. Sangita brings a M.Sc from Bangalore University, where she specialised in Apparel Technology & Management, to the role. For Sangita, when you’re doing work that relates to your areas of giftedness, there’s a great deal of fulfilment and fruit that comes from it.

Kumar Mohan

Production Manager

Kumar is one of our recent members of the team who manages the production facility in the Mysore co-op. He started working for re-wrap at the beginning of May, this year. Born and brought up in Kerala, India, Kumar has had numerous academic achievements at Universities in India and the USA where he achieved a BA and Masters in fashion design and world history. He has an expansive career history in production management where he has worked in different factories across the globe. For Kumar, the best thing about working for re-wrap is that he can experience a new world.

Kaamila Qazi

Kaamila Qazi

Jacqueline Croker

Jacqueline Croker

Charles Stephen

Charles Stephen CEO

Sangita Ekambe

Sangita Ekambe Merchandiser

Kumar Mohan

Kumar Mohan Production Manager