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re-wrap is committed to providing our members with financial and emotional security. Working as a family, every member receives a pension, a family health insurance policy and an annual bonus. We provide loans to help finance their children’s education and offer various monthly incentives at work. Each month the most punctual, productive and diligent workers are rewarded with a bonus. A nutritious lunch, fruit, and snacks are provided daily. Recently our members all received a water filter to ensure that their families have access to clean water at home. Since introducing these initiatives the health of our members has improved dramatically.

As a welcome treat, our members are encouraged to organise recreational outings twice a year for themselves and their families.

WFTO Aerial Shot

WFTO Aerial Shot

Lakshmi MB - Quantity

Lakshmi MB - Quantity Our First Prize Star for Maximum Production Output

Sudhamani - Quality

Sudhamani - Quality Our First Prize Star for Best Quality