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Frequently Asked Questions About Placing an Order

I am interested in placing an order - what are my next steps?

If you are interested in placing an order please call Claire Hose on +44 (0)7899900616. If you are based in Asia please call Maggie Law in our Hong Kong office on +852 27307767. We work with international clients and are able to ship to most countries from India.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time from confirmation of order to delivery is normally 60 – 90 days. However, a quick turn around is possible. Please phone to confirm.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is normally 500-1000 pieces depending on the item ordered. Please phone to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions About RW Operations

Who are re-wrap?

re-wrap is a not-for-profit enterprise based in the UK and established in 2002. We are a resource centre for sustainable textile products, incorporating traditional textile skills with contemporary design and produced by fair trade certified co-operatives in India.

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative constitutes enterprising men and women who have volunteered to organise themselves into an enterprise for economic independence, in order to sustain themselves and their families.

Typically these groups aim to acquire training in sewing or try to reclaim their traditional embroideries and weaving techniques, which are passed down through the generations, to help them earn a living.

Who and how many people work within the co-operatives that re-wrap support?

All co-operatives we work with only employ adults over the age of 18. Our co-operatives employ men and women of all faiths from disadvantaged backgrounds.

re-wrap currently has a co-operative in Mysore, Karnataka which provides employment for 78 people. We hope to continue to expand our work to include many more co-operatives across India.

re-wrap is a not-for-profit organization what does this mean?

A not-for-profit enterprise is an organisation that channels any funds remaining after paying operating expenses back into programs and services rather than sharing profits with owners, shareholders and executives.

At re-wrap any profits made are deployed in the communities we work with to fund social projects or to help establish new co-operatives.

What is my purchase impact?

Investing in re-wrap will have the following impact:
1. You help to sustain disadvantaged and impoverished artisans and their families in India.
2. You are helping retain traditional Indian craft and reinvigorating the market for quality hand made goods.
3. You are also supporting fair trade practices, a step towards breaking the cycle of poverty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ethical Practicies

re-wrap products are made in compliance with ‘fair trade’ practices - what does this mean?

Fair trade is an approach to trade that ensures that workers receive a fair price for what they produce. It also involves a concern for workers’ rights and the conditions in which they are employed.

All the co-operatives we partner with are internationally certified as ‘Fair trade’ by WFTO ”(World Fair Trade Organization)”: This means they pay their staff a fair and living wage. They provide safe and hygienic working conditions, reasonable working hours (i.e. no forced overtime), training and bonuses.

How are re-wrap products transported from India to the UK?

We ship goods by sea to minimise the impact on the environment. Shipping takes 4-6 weeks. Sometimes, when deadlines are tight, clients choose airfreight.

re-wrap works hard to be as eco-friendly as possible. However, our chief aim is to ensure a steady work stream for our co-operatives. The more products we sell – even if using airfreight – the more disadvantaged artisans we help to earn a decent and sustainable livelihood.

How do re-wrap contribute to recycling?

At the heart of re-wrap is a belief that we should recycle as much as we can. We recycle in the following ways:
1. We use fabric scraps and recycled buttons for products
2. We use waste cotton for our webbed handles
3. We use recycled cartons for packing our goods
4. All the products we produce can be recycled
5. We support a local paper co-operative by providing them with 500-600kgs of fabric scraps every month from which they make beautiful hand crafted wrapping paper.

Why use organic cotton and fair trade cotton?

Organic cotton is grown in certified pesticide-free and herbicide-free soil, using organic farming methods, which produce healthier fabrics. Using fair trade cotton ensures that the people involved in its production have been paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. It also certifies that a minimum amount of pesticides have been used to grow the cotton.

All organic and fair trade cotton fabrics re-wrap use are sourced locally from Agrocel and are internationally certified.

I have a question about re-wrap not answered here...

Please e-mail us at, call us on +44 (0) 7899900616. Thank you.