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Frequently Asked Questions About RW Operations

Who are re-wrap?

re-wrap is a not-for-profit enterprise based in the UK, established in 2002 and certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. We are a Fair Trade social enterprise for sustainable textile products, incorporating traditional skills of hand with contemporary design,and produced ethically by our women’s co-operatives in India.

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative constitutes enterprising men and women who have volunteered to organise themselves into an enterprise for economic independence, in order to sustain themselves and their families.
Typically these groups aim to acquire training in sewing or try to reclaim their traditional embroideries and weaving techniques, which are passed down through the generations, to help them earn a living.
At re-wrap we have assisted our trainee members to organise them selves into working Self Help Groups. This facilitates a working group culture whilst teaching the members to become gradually more independent.

Who and how many people work within the co-operatives that re-wrap support?

All co-operatives we work with only employ adults over the age of 18. Our co-operatives employ men and women of all faiths from disadvantaged backgrounds.

re-wrap currently has a co-operative in Mysore, Karnataka which provides employment for 78 people. We have recently opened a new co-operative in Gumballi with 20 members and hope to continue to expand our work to include many more co-operatives across India. We also run a Home Production program that offers flexible working hours to 35 women working from home.

re-wrap is a not-for-profit organization what does this mean?

A not-for-profit enterprise is an organisation that channels any funds remaining after paying operating expenses back into programs and services rather than sharing profits with owners, shareholders and executives.

At re-wrap any profits made are deployed in the communities we work with to fund social projects or to help establish new co-operatives. As well as this, we are also committed to funding other women and children charities through the Global Fund for Children UK and Pratham in India.

What is my purchase impact?

Investing in re-wrap will have the following impact:
1. You help to sustain disadvantaged and impoverished artisans and their families in India.
2. You are helping retain traditional Indian craft and reinvigorating the market for quality hand made goods.
3. You are also supporting fair trade practices, a step towards breaking the cycle of poverty.