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Design & Culture

The Brief

For our Design & Culture clients we wanted to produce durable shoppers with beautiful prints, which would serve as practical totes for their clients whilst upholding their company philosophies, that a product should be crafted not just manufactured.


100% cotton

Design & Finishing

Completely hand crafted and finished products made by artisans in our co-operatives.


These products not only sustain the environment but also the artisans who produce them.

The London Library

The London Library A sturdy canvas bag which can hold a mountain of books.

Salts Mill

Salts Mill A cotton sheeting bag with a beautifully detailed print design

COS Opening Ceremony NYC

COS Opening Ceremony NYC 100% cotton dyed grey canvas bag with canvas handles.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Rebecca Hossack Gallery 100% cotton dyed vibrant orange bag with external 'nivad' tape reinforcement.

COS Nendo 2014 Salone Del Mobile

COS Nendo 2014 Salone Del Mobile 100% cotton tote bag without gussets and short canvas handles.

Keats House

Keats House Two colour print illustration on 100% natural cotton canvas bag.

Discover Glasgow

Discover Glasgow 100% cotton dyed blue canvas bag.