who makes your products?

every re-wrap product is created by artisans within our production units in southern India. we actively work with rural women and some from marginalised backgrounds, then train them in traditional sewing skills to handcraft our products and help them gain economic independence. many of our women are the sole income earners for their families and they value working with re-wrap not only for the above average living wage but for the skills they develop and the community and support they gain from working with other people in a similar position.

our production enterprise in India is called Sanmaan, which means ‘self-standing.’ this aptly captures our ethos, creating opportunities for people to develop skills that lead to them feeling independent and proud of what they do.

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our unit in Mysore opened in 2009 with nine artisans, and now has more than 100. it was our first and remains our biggest production unit. in 2018, we moved to a new premises that was designed with the well-being of our artisans and the environment in mind. read more about the new premises on our Mysore Unit page.



set in a rural area near the city of Mysore, our second production facility opened in 2014 with 10 artisans. we now employ 50 women and a male tailor. our artisans have tribal and agricultural backgrounds and are trained to sew our products with skill and, most importantly, confidence.

Home Production

we provide the flexibility for some of our trained artisans to work from home, so they can find a good work-life balance. sewing machines and raw materials are distributed and our inspection team monitors the home-sewing process. this allows our members to work independently, to gain confidence and also to become more entrepreneurial.



our artisan printers are trained in screen, block and digital printing methods. we only use GOTS-approved pigments and dyes in our products. these are water-based, non-PVC and AZO-free.



re-wrap collaborates with hand embroidery groups in the region to offer bespoke additions to our products, such as stitching details and embellishments. they are highly experienced and can customise our catalogue to suit your vision or brand. these artisans hand-stitch our business cards.