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re-wrap produces high-quality, hand-made organic cotton products. we empower the artisans in India who make our products. we have built partnerships with farmers who grow our cotton, investing in them along the way. these farmers produce our own Seed-to-Shop cotton which we are very proud of.

from sowing organic cotton seeds to hand sewing the beautiful products, the entire process is kind to the environment and kind to people.

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since we began in 2002,
our philosophy has always been to:


we recycle as much as we can to minimise wastage


we help people to reclaim traditional skills,
so they can build an independent future


we help reinvent the lives of farmers and artisans

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by producing millions of reusable Seed-to-Shop products
for brands such as Lush and Daunt Books, we have contributed
to a significant reduction of plastic and paper consumption.