Jalajakshi, 38, is a tailor who is part of our Home Worker Group. she lives 8 kms away from our unit with her two daughters. she is a single parent since she left a difficult marriage. she was pleased to have the opportunity to work from home which gives her a good and secure income and the ability to combine her responsibilities as a mother. one of her daughters struggles with mental health, but she has been able to access financial support from re-wrap when she needed it.

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Nagamma was widowed at an early age. she is one of our original and longest serving members in Mysore. through her on-the-job training, she has become a skilled and highly valued member of the team. her role at re-wrap provides an income that allows her to support her son and pay for his education.

she starts her day at 6:00 am by having a cup of hot coffee, and then prepares breakfast and lunch for her son. when she arrives at work first she cleans her machine, prays to god then starts sewing bags. a day for our artisans includes an 11:00am snack break with yoga stretches. at 1.15pm she goes for lunch along with colleagues to relax for a while. after a lunch break continues to stitch bags until the 4:00pm tea break. she completes her work for the day at 5.30pm and returns to her son.



Jyothi aged 24yrs works in our Gumballi unit as a senior tailor. she left a difficult marriage and the income and career training offered by re-wrap has transformed her situation and that of her family’s. it has offered her hope for the future. her family had debts that she has been able to repay because of her training and skilled role with re-wrap. Jyothi cares for her mother and through her work at re-wrap is able to support her family and give them a future.

she has won the monthly prize several times for her incredible speed superior-quality sewing.