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committed to fair trade

re-wrap is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). we pay our members a fair and living wage with an annual bonus. we provide safe and comfortable working conditions, training facilities and no forced overtime

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at the heart of re-wrap is a belief that we should recycle as much as we can. we recycle in the following ways:

  • we use fabric offcuts to strengthen the base of our products

  • waste cotton is woven into our bag handles

  • we pack our goods in cartons containing recycled materials

  • all products we produce can be re-cycled

  • we support a local paper co-operative by providing them with about 500 kgs of fabric scraps every month from which they make beautiful hand made labels and paper

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we ship goods by sea to minimise the impact on the environment, which takes four to six weeks. sometimes when a deadline is tight clients can choose an air freight delivery. when air shipping, our clients are still helping the artisans who hand-craft our products to earn a decent and sustainable livelihood.

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organic cotton

our organic cotton is 100% GOTS certified. by forming a long-standing relationship with a rural organic cotton farming community, re-wrap is working to transform the lives of farmers. organic cotton is positive for people and the planet. by using organic farming methods farmers become more climate resilient, reduce carbon emissions and create healthier soil, and healthier people.