From seed-to-shop

Our artisans and cotton farmers are at the heart our business. We support local farmers in producing organic cotton, making our own materials traceable all the way from Seed-to-Shop.


Incredible Women

Every re-wrap product is created by in our production units based in rural communities in India. Many of the women who make our products come from marginalised backgrounds and we train them in traditional sewing skills to help them gain economic independence.



Debt is a big problem for rural communities, and it can make building a future impossible. To help our artisans escape the debt trap, we encourage them to save money, initially contributing one rupee for every four rupees they save into a fund. By managing the fund themselves, they gain knowledge of financial planning and are less inclined to use high-interest lenders. In addition, we provide family health insurance cover and further financial assistance for children’s education. Incentives for productivity, punctuality and efficiency have all proved worthwhile and as part of their working day, each artisan is given a nutritious meal balanced with fruit and snacks. re-wrap also organises days out for our artisans and their families away from work, as well as extra food during festival times such as Diwali.

In 2018, re-wrap began to provide professional mentor services for social and financial issues, particularly since a proportion of our artisans have now become independent tax payers.


Growing our cotton

We have invested in the livelihoods of local farmers to produce organic cotton. By working directly with the cotton farmers we are able to transform their place in the supply chain. We enable the farmers to plan for the future and create stronger, healthier communities.

Benefits of organic cotton